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Our all inclusive retreat offers a range of group activities, such as yoga, pilates, cross-training, hiking, meditation and art creation, which are open to all levels and ages, Monkey’s Bootcamp will improve your fitness and help you to reach your goals, all within a non-competitive and non-judgemental environment. Whilst embarking on your journey of self-improvement, you may enjoy the lovingly-prepared gourmet meals and diet and nutrition workshops, all included in the package. Re-energise yourself this summer at our all inclusive retreat with good vibes, great conversations and leave Monkey’s Bootcamp feeling healthy, happy and balanced!

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yoga pilates fitness
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6 days
& nights

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3 fresh meals
per day

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& Meditation

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& Crossfit

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Client oriented


Our all inclusive retreat’s concept is dedicated to people seeking an inner balance and a release of personal power, built on acceptance, gratitude and understanding. Only you know what you need the most to become the best version of yourself. Monkeys Bootcamp starts the day you sign in. Ready? Make the first step by saying “I want a change!”. Then join us on a journey, feeling supported and finding the essence of what is most important to you.

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Florent is a Personal Trainer, Yoga Teacher, Surf Instructor and Life Coach. He will assist you to set up your goals by carefully listening to your lifestyle & long term objectives. Experienced he will surprise you with a new type of activity every day. All this in a happy and positive atmosphere.
+33 627 051 689
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Ewelina is a Yoga and Meditation Teacher, certified in Pilates Method and Ayurvedic Medicine. She will show you that time spent with us has a healing effect and allows you to make changes on a regular basis. In addition she will also show you that healthy eating is easier than you ever thought.
+33 636 452 821
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Albert is an experienced extreme sports guide. He will take care of your safety and will answer all your technical questions. He has an authority about all outdoors activities depending on route and weather. Having a great knowledge of local areas will surprise you with more than one story.
+34 639 98 01 53

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  • Impossible does not exist! We believe that what we do makes people better. We think our way, regardless of what others do. The way we change the world is the one closest to us, by honesty with ourselves and others ✨ Not many people realize that their life entirely depends upon their own hands. Often, we tend to blame our failures on others, but realizing that we have the capacity to evolve and become a better person is only something very few are capable of. It makes all the more reason to change your life the exact moment you figure out that it’s time to change. 🤍 Always remember: you have control and you can change your life to make the necessary difference! 🌿 This is exactly how Florent is and how passionate he is about his life and work. Thanks to him our personal and shared dreams can come true every day! Today is his birthday and great gratitude accompanies us from the very morning 🙏🏻 . . . . #motivation #fitness #workout #fit #gym #bodybuilding #health #lifestyle #training #love #instagood #birthday #fitnessaddict #fitspo #strong #fitnessmodel #monkeysbootcamp #instafit #inspiration #healthy #muscle #model #fitnessmotivation #gymlife #exercise #diet #determination #onlinecoach #fitness #personaltrainer
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  • “Let food be the medicine and medicine be the food.” - Hippocrates What is your main food those last days? Comment below 👇🏻👇🏻

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