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Ewelina's pizza

60min cooking



5 cups (regular drink glass) of flour: rice, chick peas, millet…

1 cup of water

1 tea spoon of sugar

1 spoon of salt

1 soup spoon of olive oil

1 bag of agar agar

1/3 cup of yeast


300gr of mushrooms

5 small tomatoes

2 small green capsicums

200 gr of tofu

2 white onions

garlic, oregano, olives and spices



The previous day, Ewelina prepares the base.

Once you have mixed (if you are using various flours) the flours, you take 1/3 cup of It, mix it with all the agar agar, all the yeast, all the sugar and a tiny bit of water. Mix it and leave it for a moment.

Take the rest of the flour, it shall be about 4 cups and 2/3 😉 and mix it with olive oil, salt and water.

Mix the whole flour together. Leave it in the fridge with a wet clothe on it.



Take the base out of the fridge one hour before and let it at room temperature.

Take tomatoes (2-3 big ones or 6 small ones) and deep them in hot water to take the skin out. When skin off, remove seeds and mix with blender.

Cut 2 big onions in thin slices, put them on the pan with a bit of olive oil on low temperature. Add black pepper and spices. Mix tomatoes and onion in pan and leave them on low temp. Add garlic. Let it on getting rid of water.

Cut mushrooms, green capsicums, tofu in thin slices. 

Pick up the base and split it in two. 

Make it flat and round. Add tomato sauce, tofu, mushrooms, capsicum.

Oven: 250° for 30min

After 30min take it out, add oregano, olives and voilà!


gluten-free vegan pizza

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